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Information Literacy Modules: Evaluating Sources

Learning Outcomes for Evaluating Sources

A. Selection of Sources

  1. Distinguishes characteristics of information provided for different audiences.
  2. Lists various criteria, such as currency, which influence information choices.
  3. Selects appropriate information sources (i.e., primary, secondary or tertiary sources) and determines their relevance for the current information need.
  4. Determines the relevance of an item to the information need in terms of its depth of coverage, language, and time frame.

B. Evaluation of Sources

  1. Evaluates the quality of the information retrieved using criteria such as authorship, point of view/bias, date written, citations, etc.
  2. Locates and examines critical reviews of information sources using available resources and technologies.
  3. Investigates an author's qualifications and reputation through reviews or biographical sources.
  4. Investigates validity and accuracy by consulting sources identified through bibliographic references.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding that other sources may provide additional information to either confirm or question point of view or bias.
  6. Demonstrates an understanding that information in any format reflects an author's, sponsor's, and/or publisher's point of view.
  7. Demonstrates an understanding that some information and information sources may present a one-sided view and may express opinions rather than facts.
  8. Demonstrates an understanding that some information and sources may be designed to trigger emotions, conjure stereotypes, or promote support for a particular viewpoint or group.
  9. Searches for independent verification or corroboration of the accuracy and completeness of the data or representation of facts presented in an information source.
  10. Distinguishes among various information sources in terms of established evaluation criteria (e.g., content, authority, currency).

C. Wrap Up and Review

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