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Information Literacy Modules: Documenting Sources

Documenting Sources Learning Outcomes

  1. Citation Elements
    1. Recognizes that consistency of citation format is important, especially if a course instructor has not required a particular style.
    2. Demonstrates an understanding that there are different documentation styles, published or accepted by various groups
    3. Describes when the format of the source cited may dictate a certain citation style.
    4. Identifies citation elements for information sources in different formats (e.g., book, article, television program, Web page, interview).
    5. Demonstrates an understanding that different disciplines may use different citation styles.
  1. Determining Source Types
    1. Identifies different types of information sources cited in a research tool.
    2. Distinguishes among citations to identify various types of materials (e.g., books, periodical articles, essays in anthologies).
    3. Recognizes the format of an information source (e.g., book, chapter in a book, periodical article) from its citation.
  1. Wrap Up and Review
    1. Locates information about documentation styles either in print or electronically, e.g., through the library's Web site.

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