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Student Success Skills: Test Prep and Managing Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety

In this Crash Course, you will learn about general mental health information, including statistics about students suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Dr. Lobo will provide detailed information about the symptoms of anxiety, and specifically, performance or "test" anxiety. Dr. Lobo and Dr. Fisher will give you practical tips for combatting test anxiety.

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Meet Dr. Lobo

Dr. Douglass Lobo
Counselor, SJR State CARES
Phone: (386) 312-4305

Office: L-206, Palatka Campus


A partnership between SJR State, Flagler Health and the Crisis Text Line

Text-message and communicate with a trained crisis counselor - 24 hours a day, seven days per week! Counselors at the Crisis Text Line have provided text-messaging support and resources to students around a variety of issues, including Coronavirus, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide, and self-harm. To reach out for support, simply text “CARE4U” to 741741. Trained counselors are available to help YOU, so please don’t be shy! We understand that life is especially challenging right now, so we encourage you to seek help for whatever your challenge(s) may be. Remember – reaching out for help is NOT a sign of weakness. In fact, it shows strength! Contact Dr. Lobo at (305) 312-4305 or with your questions.

Reducing Test Anxiety

  1. Ask about the exam (materials covered, format, points, level of detail, etc.)
  2. Take inventory of your notes
  3. Set a study schedule
  4. Keep your diet consistent
  5. Don’t stop exercising
  6. Get regular sleep
  7. Make a five-day study plan for each exam

Test Taking Anxiety Tips

St. Johns River State College offers counseling free of charge to currently enrolled students. If you need to talk to someone about anxiety please consider contacting the College Care Counselor, Dr. Douglass Lobo.


Click here for Wellness Resources at SJR State 

How to Beat Test Anxiety!

Overcoming Test Anxiety

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Test Anxiety

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