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Career Services at SJR State

The purpose of this guide is to help you identify companies for a job search, find job openings in specific fields, perform background research on companies for interviews and create company lists for targeted job searches.

Career Assessment Tools

Assessments are a great way to begin your career exploration, and you can get started right here with your choice of assessment tools available on the web.

Different assessments focus on different areas, such as:

  • Interests
  • Personality/Values
  • Skills

The assessments listed below are free. Each can provide useful insight about careers and alert you to possibilities you may not have considered. To gain a better understanding of who you are, it is recommended that you take several kinds of assessments and compare the results.

Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential (MAPP)

The MAPP™ career test is the first and most comprehensive career test online for consumers. This powerful career aptitude test will take just over 22 minutes to complete. You'll get a wealth of information to help you find the right job that matches your unique career assessment.

O*NET Interest Profiler

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can find out what you like to do.

The O*NET Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore.

16 Personalities

The 16 personality types were created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, developers of the MBTI® assessment. Myers and Briggs created their personality typology to help people discover their own strengths and gain a better understanding of how people are different.