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The purpose of this guide is to help you identify companies for a job search, find job openings in specific fields, perform background research on companies for interviews and create company lists for targeted job searches.

Dress for Success


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First impressions are essential in the professional world, and your appearance—including attire and grooming standards—leave as much of an indelible mark as do your accomplishments in academics and leadership. For some, you may have less than 10 seconds to make a lasting impression that will be difficult to change. This is why what you wear and how you wear it is so vital as you market (yes, market!) yourself to professional colleagues and potential employers.

  • Prepare: Do not wait until the day of the interview to prepare your business wardrobe!  There are certainly more pressing thoughts racing through your mind with the interview coming in a few short hours.  Prepare the night before and pick out the perfect outfit so that you are ready to physically impress in that initial introduction.

  • Wrinkle Free Is The Way To Be: The way you dress speaks volumes to the way you live your life.  A wrinkled shirt or pair of pants can give off the impression that you don't care whereas a wrinkle-free outfit has the potential to show you are crisp, sharp, and professional. 

  • Keep It Simple Smart: You want to make a lasting impression however you also want to make the right lasting impression.  Stick to neutral colors in an outfit that your potential future boss would approve. 

  • Comfortable and Confident: You want to show up ready to 'wow' as a professional who is comfortable and confident.  The outfit colors should work well together and the overall dress should fit the position that you are applying for.   

  • Be You; Be A Professional: You have enough going through your head as you prepare for the interview and this potential career opportunity.  Do not overthink your dress and leave your personality at home.  Be you while still being professional. 

Making A Great First Impression