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Vikings Read More Book Club

Read what you want, come when you want, and chat with friends about books!

Faculty & Staff Favorites

Click on each person's name to see each browsable book collection of SJR State Faculty & Staff favorites! These items are available at the SJR State Libraries. Let us know which one you want to borrow. 

  • Brittnee Fisher, Librarian at the Palatka Campus: My reading interests are all over the place. I read fiction and non-fiction just about equally. My genres know no bounds! You could catch me reading anything from the newest YA dystopian novel to an academic book about the latest instructional research. This collection contains some books that have stuck with me over the years. Enjoy! 

Browsable Book Collections

If you are hoping to read more and don't know where to start, then check out the recommended topics collections. Simply click on a topic to view the collection. Each topic is designated with a broad theme- your task is to pick a book and start reading!