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Vikings Read More Book Club

Read what you want, come when you want, and chat with friends about books!

The purpose of the Vikings Read More Book Club is to provide the SJR State community with an opportunity to address wellness, belonging, community building, and campus culture through reading and meaningful discussions. 

Benefits of Joining




Book clubs improve participants’ attitudes toward reading, especially when participants have choice and autonomy.

Reading Skills

Book clubs are opportunities for the transference of instruction, which strengthens their skills.

Critical Literacy

Book clubs are spaces where participants can deconstruct and critique norms and social constructs, as they learn from various perspectives and develop empathy for others.


Book Clubs help participants have more in-depth conversations over time as bonds between peers strengthen.


Book clubs allow participants to see themselves in a text, examine their own lives, and explore their identities.


Book clubs honor the ways participants engage with technology and how they choose to read and respond.


Source: Breathing New Life Into Book Clubs by Cherry-Paul & Johansen 

How It Works

The Vikings Read More Book Club was created with the intention that participants will choose their own level of involvement. This means: 

  • You read when you want to read. Are you really busy this month with classes and midterms? Skip it!
  • You read what you want to read. We offer the monthly themes as a guide but the book you read is ultimately up to you. This club is flexible and we encourage you to think outside of the box! 
  • You discuss when you want to discuss. If you feel like joining for a meeting you can, and if not, we're just glad you took the time to read something- no pressure! 
  •  Questions or Concerns?