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College Algebra: Review

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The Sum and Difference of Cubes

KEYWORDS: factor, cube, perfect cube, polynomial, binomial. MAT 1033-5.4

Solving Linear Equations - Multiple Step Equation

KEYWORDS: linear equations, equations, variable, MAT 1033-2.3, MAC 1105-1.1

Solving Linear Equations: Two Step Equations

KEYWORDS: linear equations, equations, variable, MAT 1033-2.3

Square Roots, Imaginary Numbers, and Complex Numbers

KEYWORDS: square root, imaginary number, complex number. MAT 1033-10.4, MAC 1105-1.4

Special Product: Square a binomial

KEYWORDS: binomial, square of a binomial formula, MAT 1033-4.6

Solving Linear Equations: Addition Rule

KEYWORDS: linear equations, equations, variable, MAT 1033-2.1

Polynomial Divided by a Monomial

KEYWORDS: polynomial, monomial, cube, numerator, denominator, fraction, simplify, long division, divide

What is a Polynomial

KEYWORDS: polynomial, exponent, whole number, coefficient

Dividing Complex Numbers

KEYWORDS: complex number, conjugate, imaginary number, FOIL, numerator, denominator. MAT 1033-10.7, MAC 1105-1.3

Special Product: Difference of Squares

KEYWORDS Difference of Squares, Factoring, MAT 1033-5.4

Solving Linear Equations: Division Rule

KEYWORDS: linear equations, equations, variable, MAT 1033-2.2

What is a Coefficient

KEYWORDS: coefficient, polynomial

Introduction to the Distributive Law

KEYWORDS: distributive law, parenthesis, order of operations. MAT 1033-1.7