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College Algebra: Equations and Inequalities

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Quadratic Equations - Using Factoring to Solve an Equation

KEYWORDS: factoring, quadratic equation, standard form, greatest common factor, GCF, ac method, grouping, coefficient, zero factor property, check step, MAT 1033-5.5, MAC 1105-1.2

Using the Square Root Property to solve a Quadratic Equation

KEYWORDS: square root property, solve quadratic equation, complex number, MAT 1033-11.1, MAC 1105-1.2

Absolute Value Equation

Keywords: absolute value, absolute value equations, no solutions

Applications of Linear Equations

KEYWORDS Linear Equations. MAC 1105-1.7 

Completing the Square

KEYWORDS: negative, square root, squared, completing the square, quadratic equation, factor, imaginary

Systems of Equations

KEYWORDS: linear equation, systems of equations, graph, intercept, slope, y-intercept, line, demand curve, MAT 1033-8.1, MAC 1105-8.1

Systems of Linear Inequalities

KEYWORDS: inequalities, graphing, systems of linear inequalities, linear equation, linear inequality, line, point, x-intercept, y-intercept, graph shading, test point, origin, dashed line, solid line. MAC 1105-8.7

Simplifying an Expression with a Rational Exponent

KEYWORDS: rational exponent, exponent, fraction, rational number, perfect square, perfect cube, square root, index, cube root, real numbers. MAT 1033-10.2

Exponential Equation #1

KEYWORDS: exponent, negative, equal, solve, logarithmic equation, bases, variable, match, linear equation, side, exponential, rule, problem, decimal, divide, 2x, irrational, exact, thought, rounded

Square Root Property

KEYWORDS: square root, square root property, quadratic, variable, square root method, absolute value, imaginary number, simplify, factor

Writing a Rational Expression in Lowest Terms

KEYWORDS: lowest terms, factor, expression, coefficient, bottoms up method, factorization, fraction. MAT 1033-6.1

Using Variation to Solve a Real-Word Problem

KEYWORDS variation, square, direct variation, inverse variation, joint variation, distance. MAT 1033-7.4, MAC 1105-2.5

Using Factoring to Solve a Quadratic Equation

KEYWORDS: Quadratic Equation, Factoring, MAT 1033-5.5, MAC 1105-1.2

Solve a Quadratic Equation using Completing the Square

KEYWORDS: quadratic equation, completing the square, coefficient, perfect square trinomial, perfect square, trinomial, variables. MAT 1033-11.2, MAC 1105-1.2

Solving a Radical Equation

KEYWORDS: radical equation, radical, square root, no solution. MAT 1033-10.6, MAC 1105-1.4

Mixture Problem

KEYWORDS: word problem, table, mixture problem, check step, system of equations

Mixture Problem

Simplifying an Expression with a Rational Exponent

KEYWORDS: rational exponent, exponent, fraction, rational number, negative exponent rule, numerator, denominator, square root, cube root, least common denominator, LCD. MAT 1033-6.1

Rational Equations part 1

KEYWORDS: Rational Equations, MAT 1033-6.6

Rational Equations part 2

KEYWORDS: Rational Equations, MAT 1033-6.6

Exponential Equation #10

KEYWORDS: exponential and logarithmic equations, exponential equations, logarithmic equations, quadratic equations, quadratic formula, factoring, squared, substitution, log, exponent, domain, ln

Linear Equation with Fractions

KEYWORDS: linear equations, distribution, numerator, denominator, least common denominator, LCD, check, fraction

Using Rational Equations to Solve a Real-World Problem

KEYWORDS rational equation, proportion, ratio, cross multiply. MAC 1105-1.7

Applying the Slope Intercept Equation to Cost

KEYWORDS: linear equation, application problem, slope-intercept equation. MAC 1105-3.6

Quadratic Equations

KEYWORDS: quadratic equation, factoring, square root property, completing the square. MAC 1105-1.2. MAT 1033-11.1

Using the Quadratic Formula to Solve a Quadratic Equation

KEYWORDS: Quadratic Equation Quadratic Formula, MAT 1033-11.3, MAC 1105-1.2

Solving a Radical Equation for a Variable

KEYWORDS: literal equation, radical, variable, fraction, square root, real number. MAT 1033-10.6, MAC 1105-1.4


Keywords: Inequalities. MAC 1147-3.6, MAT 1033-2.8, MAC 1105-1.5

Quadratic Formula

KEYWORDS: linear and quadratic equations, linear equations, quadratic equations, FOIL, complete the square, coefficient, quadratic formula

Solving a System of Equations using Substitution

KEYWORDS: systems of equations, substitution method, variable, like terms, ordered pair, coefficient, line, graph, MAT 1033-8.2, MAC 1105-8.1

Compound Inequalities - Intersection and Union

KEYWORD: Compound Inequalities. MAC 1105-8.7

Solving a Radical Equation

KEYWORDS: radical, square root, linear equation, factoring, radical equation. MAC 1105-1.4, MAT 1033-10.6

A Review of Factoring

KEYWORD: Factoring. MAT 1033-5.1

Literal Equation Quadratic

KEYWORDS: square root, literal equation, quadratic, rationalize the denominator, numerator, denominator

Radical Equation

KEYWORDS: radical equation, square root, power rule, absolute value, check step, FOIL, quadratic equation

Using the Slope Equation to find the slope of a line passing through 2 points Example #2