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College Algebra: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

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Composite Function

KEYWORDS: absolute value, functions, composite function, square root, composition, cubed, composed

Expand a Logarithm

KEYWORDS: ln, square root, log, rules, log base, power, write, exponents, factors, logarithms, division, subtraction, base, multiplication, nth root, cubed, functions, sum, step

Logarithmic Equation #24

KEYWORDS: logarithms, logarithm, quadratic equation, equal, problem, negative, factors, single, solve, positive, logarithmic equations, algebraically, log, squared, multiplication, subtraction, work, subtract, divided, domain

Rewrite Logarithm

KEYWORDS: logarithms, coefficient, exponent, base, fraction, numerator, denominator, nth root, nth power, square root, logs

Exponential Growth

KEYWORDS: logarithm, population, natural logarithm, decay, equation

Exponents - Zero as an Exponent

KEYWORDS: exponents, zero exponent, simplify exponents, power, fraction, quotient rule, common base, base, subtract exponents, variable, parentheses, MAT 1033-4.2

Find Inverse Function

KEYWORDS: inverse, domain, y equals, math lab, write, range, right hand side, equals, notation, left hand side, inverse function, denominator, function, divide, multiplying, directions, switch, solve, vikings, functions

Logarithmic Equation #12

KEYWORDS: squared, 12x, negative, logarithm, subtracts, problem, solve, positive, square root, logarithmic equations, domain, numbers, answer, equals, quadratic formula, rewrite, decimal places, big, divided, arithmetic

Exponential Equation #7

KEYWORDS: ln, side, exponent, decimal, logarithm, solve, problem, logarithmic equations, variable, calculator, divided, equals ln, equal, square root, base, natural logarithm, exponential, exact