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Lunar New Year

photo "Exploring the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration" by Castles, Capes & Clones is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit 12, 2021 is the beginning of the Year of the Ox which last through January 31, 2022.

Online Resources

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Insider Insights—Celebrating the Year of the Ox (Mandarin)

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Books at the SJR State Library

Celebrating Chinese New Year

"Read about the dragon parade, the holiday's beginnings, symbols and beliefs, and celebrating the New Year"-- Provided by publisher.

Chinese New Year Crafts

It is the Chinese New Year and everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Using these easy-to-follow directions and traceable patterns, readers can make good luck banners, noisemakers, a dragon costume, and more.

The Runaway Wok: a Chinese New Year tale

When Ming goes to the market to buy food and comes home with an empty old wok instead, his parents wonder what they'll eat for dinner. But they soon learn that Ming brought home a wok with a mind of its own. Singing skippty-hoppity-ho, the wok rolls out of Ming's house and returns chock-full of treats for Ming's family-more than enough to share. Will the magic wok and Ming's generosity be enough to bring a happy Chinese New Year to the poor families of Beijing?

A New Year's Reunion

A New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book of 2011! Maomao's dad works many miles away, but he is coming home for New Year! Little Maomao's father works in faraway places and comes home just once a year, for Chinese New Year. At first Maomao barely recognizes him, but before long the family is happily making sticky rice balls, listening to firecrackers, and watching the dragon dance in the streets below. Papa gets a haircut, makes repairs to the house, and hides a lucky coin for Maomao to find. Which she does! But all too soon it is time for Papa to go away again. This poignant, vibrantly illustrated tale, which won the prestigious Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award in 2009, is sure to resonate with every child who misses relatives when they are away--and shows how a family's love is strong enough to endure over time and distance.

The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes

Do you know which of the twelve animal signs you are? How does the "animal that hides in your heart" influence your outlook on life and your relationships with others? What happens in your chart when your Eastern moon sign meets your Western sun sign? For forty years, The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes has remained the classic book on the topic, artfully combining the Eastern lunar calendar with Western solar-based astrology. You'll discover how the five elements, four seasons, and the ascendant sign based on the hour of your birth can all affect your personality. Look to the future and see how you are likely to fare in the upcoming years. Read about the 144 marriage combinations to better understand the relationships between the twelve lunar signs. Featuring all-new lunar forecasts, this revised edition will delight seasoned astrologers and interested novices alike, just as the classic work as done for decades.