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Tutorials and Test Prep

Test Prep

Essential 17: MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra Final Exam Review - a workshop presented by SJR State math tutors focused on the skills found on the Intermediate Algebra final exam. This workshop is held on each campus prior to final exams and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Florida Teachers Certification General Knowledge Exam - take a diagnostic practice test in math and/or English using EdReady and review it with an Academic Support Coordinator. One-on-one appointments are available.

HESI - take a diagnostic practice test using EdReady to brush up on your math skills.

TABE - Use EdReady to help improve your math and/or English scores. 

Peterson's Test Prep - provides practice tests for all kinds of standardized tests. Access is limited to current students.

Have you met the Civics Literacy requirement yet? Checkout our study materials for the Civic Literacy Test or CLEP option

The Crash Course Series

Crash Courses are free 20-30 minute prerecorded video workshops that are available to help you brush up on skills necessary to be successful in Math and English.

Study Tips

Download our Weekly Planner and view helpful study tips selected by our tutors and librarians! 

Tutorials in the Virtual Skills Lab (VSL) 

The Math VSL and the Writing VSL provide short video tutorials created by SJR State faculty, tutors, and partner organizations that can help you brush up your skills anytime!