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The Arbor Day Foundation has been inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees since 1972. And that simple mission has had a global impact. The Foundation has grown over the last five decades to become the largest member nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees, planting and distributing nearly 500 million trees worldwide.


National Arbor Day is always celebrated on the last Friday in April, but many states observe Arbor Day on different dates throughout the year based on best tree planting times in their area. Florida's Arbor Day is the third Friday in January.



Tree Campus USA


Tree Campus USA Logo            


SJR State is a Tree Campus USA College!


SJR State College's first Tree Campus USA status, granted by the Arbor Day Foundation, was obtained in 2013, following more than a year of strategically planned efforts by faculty, staff, and students. 


Tree Campus Higher Education was founded in 2008 to foster that tradition of excellence. The program provides a simple framework for colleges and universities to grow their community forests, achieve national recognition, and create a campus their students and staff are proud of.


Visit the SJR State Tree Campus Website to learn more! 

The Time for Trees

Arbor Day