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Observances - 2019

Pride Month 2019

50th Anniversary of Stonewall

June 28, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the events at Stonewall. Read Teaching Tolerance's piece about what happened at Stonewall, why it matters, and why it is important to note that while Stonewall is often cited as the start - of Pride, of LGBTQ+ activism, of the community's fight for civil rights - "Stonewall wasn’t a beginning. It was a culmination."

Online Resources

Stonewall Forever  Created in collaboration with the National Park Service to extend "the reach of Stonewall National Monument beyond its physical location," this web site provides personal accounts and memorabilia to "tell the diverse stories of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the surrounding years of activism from 1968-1971."

Stonewall National Monument  

An Amazing 1969 Account of the Stonewall Uprising

The Night the Stonewall Inn Became a Proud Shrine  NYT article published on the 50th anniversary recounts the events of June 27, 1969. (Current SJR State students, faculty & staff can get free, unlimited access to the New York Times - here's how to register.) 

When Resistance Became Too Loud to Ignore  This NYT article discussing current exhibits that "celebrate Stonewall and the movement’s charismatic personalities" provides links to those exhibits, related NYT articles, and informative sites about the "personalities," organizations, and events surrounding Stonewall. (Current SJR State students, faculty & staff can get free, unlimited access to the New York Times - here's how to register.) 

"Wrong, plain and simple": NYPD apologizes for raid that led to Stonewall riots  The apology was issued on June 6, 2019.

American Experience: Stonewall Uprising from PBS is currently streaming for free:


#Stonewall50 on Twitter 

Books at the SJR State Library about Stonewall

Books may be checked out by community patrons as well as SJR State students faculty and staff. If a title is located at another campus, the book may be sent to another campus upon request.

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