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Intermediate Algebra: Rational Expressions and Functions

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Using Rational Equations to Solve a Real-World Problem

KEYWORDS rational equation, proportion, ratio, cross multiply. MAC 1105-1.7

Simplifying an Expression with a Rational Exponent

KEYWORDS: rational exponent, exponent, fraction, rational number, perfect square, perfect cube, square root, index, cube root, real numbers. MAT 1033-10.2

Variation with Applications

KEYWORDS: Variation, Varies directly, varies inversely, MAT 1033-7.4, MAC 1105-2.5 

Writing a Rational Expression in Lowest Terms

KEYWORDS: lowest terms, factor, expression, coefficient, bottoms up method, factorization, fraction. MAT 1033-6.1

Rational Equations part 1

KEYWORDS: Rational Equations, MAT 1033-6.6

Simplifying Complex Fractions

KEYWORDS: complex rational expression, quotient, fraction, numerator, denominator, least common denominator, LCD, complex fraction, greatest common factor, GCF, factor, difference of squares. MAT 1033-6.5

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions by Melanie Parker

Keywords: fraction, numerator, multiply, denominator, improper fraction, common denominators,
divide, dividing, lowest common denominator, fourths, division, mixed number, common factor

Rational Equation #7

KEYWORDS: Denominator, domain, factor, fraction

Rational Equations part 2

KEYWORDS: Rational Equations, MAT 1033-6.6

Using Variation to Solve a Real-Word Problem

KEYWORDS variation, square, direct variation, inverse variation, joint variation, distance. MAT 1033-7.4, MAC 1105-2.5

Finding the Domain of a Rational Function

KEYWORDS: Function, Rational, Domain, MAT 1033-7.3, MAC 1105-3.1