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Intermediate Algebra: Factoring

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The Sum and Difference of Cubes

KEYWORDS: factor, cube, perfect cube, polynomial, binomial. MAT 1033-5.4

Quadratic Equations - Using Factoring to Solve an Equation

KEYWORDS: factoring, quadratic equation, standard form, greatest common factor, GCF, ac method, grouping, coefficient, zero factor property, check step, MAT 1033-5.5, MAC 1105-1.2

A Review of Factoring

KEYWORD: Factoring. MAT 1033-5.1

Writing a Rational Expression in Lowest Terms by Factoring out -1

Using Factoring to Solve a Quadratic Equation

KEYWORDS: Quadratic Equation, Factoring, MAT 1033-5.5, MAC 1105-1.2