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The Viking Exchange

The Viking Exchange is for SJR State students who are in need of some essential goods. Students can visit the Viking Exchange any time, no questions asked, and take what they need. 

There is a Viking Exchange in each campus Library. Students are welcome to stop by the Viking Exchange any time the Library is open.

In Palatka, there is also a Viking Exchange in the Workforce Training Center.

Look for the logo!

The Viking Exchange in the Palatka Campus Library

In the Palatka Campus Library, the Viking Exchange is upstairs and to the right. 

In Orange Park, it's in the on the right side of the entryway near the rest room.

In the St. Augustine Campus Library, it's in the hallway near room L-112. When you walk into the Library, the hallway is to the left. 

Students may also visit the Viking Exchange located in the Workforce Training Center in Palatka.

All items in the Viking Exchange were donated by SJR State employees and students for SJR State students in need.

Questions? Please email Dr. Christina Will, Dean of Learning Resources, at

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