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FTCE GK Prep for SJR State Students

SJR State students preparing for the General Knowledge Exam should begin by using the diagnostics in EdReady that are designed for FTCE GK prep. Once you've completed the diagnostic(s), make an appointment with a tutor at SJR State for customized assistance.


Visit EdReady and create an account by Signing Up.

Screen shot of EdReady homepage

Click Get Started as illustrated above and complete the SignUp for EdReady form. You do NOT need to fill in the Student ID box.


After you activate your account, log in to EdReady. You DO NOT need a key - click Get Started. Then, under “Are you ready for the general knowledge math FTCE" or "Are you ready for the general knowledge English FTCE,” click Go to Goal.

Screen shot of Math FTCE Go to Goal window.   Screen shot of English FTCE Go to Goal window.


Make an appointment to go over your diagnostic results with either a Math or Writing tutor. 

Peterson's Test Prep for FTCE General Knowledge

Additional FTCE General Knowledge Test Online Resources

General Resources

Florida Department of Education - Find frequently asked questions and test structure information 

FTCE/FELE Pearson - Access a study guide, competencies, a test tutorial, the mathematics formula sheet, and more

Study Guide Zone - Access a guide with strategies for the reading and the essay sections as well as a brief review for math and English language skill content

FTCE Seminar: A Teacher Certification Podcast - Past podcasts address "Study Hacks and Strategies" and more!

Peterson's Test Prep - Access to this resource is limited to currently registered SJR State Students.

English Language Skills Resources‚Äč

Grammar Bytes! - Access detailed definitions, exercises, presentations, and a free online course (MOOC)

Khan Academy - Access pretests and lessons on grammar

No Red Ink (free version) - Create an account to access grammar lessons and review

FTCE Study Prep at the SJR State Library