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Pre-Calculus: Guide Homepage

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Expand a Logarithm

KEYWORDS: ln, square root, log, rules, log base, power, write, exponents, factors, logarithms, division, subtraction, base, multiplication, nth root, cubed, functions, sum, step

Rewrite Logarithm

KEYWORDS: logarithms, coefficient, exponent, base, fraction, numerator, denominator, nth root, nth power, square root, logs

Logarithmic Equation #12

KEYWORDS: squared, 12x, negative, logarithm, subtracts, problem, solve, positive, square root, logarithmic equations, domain, numbers, answer, equals, quadratic formula, rewrite, decimal places, big, divided, arithmetic

Logarithmic Equation #24

KEYWORDS: logarithms, logarithm, quadratic equation, equal, problem, negative, factors, single, solve, positive, logarithmic equations, algebraically, log, squared, multiplication, subtraction, work, subtract, divided, domain

Quadratic Equations

KEYWORDS: quadratic equation, factoring, square root property, completing the square

Quadratic Equations - Using Factoring to Solve an Equation

KEYWORDS: factoring, quadratic equation, standard form, greatest common factor, GCF, ac method, grouping, coefficient, zero factor property, check step

Using the Square Root Property to solve a Quadratic Equation

KEYWORDS: square root property, solve quadratic equation, complex number

Solve a Quadraric Equation using Completing the Square

KEYWORDS: quadratic equation, completing the square, coefficient, perfect square trinomial, perfect square, trinomial, variables

Quadratic Formula

KEYWORDS: linear and quadratic equations, linear equations, quadratic equations, FOIL, complete the square, coefficient, quadratic formula

Complex Numbers

KEYWORDS: square root, imaginary number, complex number

Simplifying Complex Fractions

KEYWORDS: complex rational expression, quotient, fraction, numerator, denominator, least common denominator, LCD, complex fraction, greatest common factor, GCF, factor, difference of squares

Dividing Complex Numbers

KEYWORDS: complex number, conjugate, imaginary number, FOIL, numerator, denominator

Systems of Equations

KEYWORDS: linear equation, systems of equations, graph, intercept, slope, y-intercept, line, demand curve

Solving a System of Equations using Substitution

KEYWORDS: systems of equations, substitution method, variable, like terms, ordered pair, coefficient, line, graph

Solving a System of Equations using Elimination

KEYWORDS: systems of equations, elimination method, lines, ordered pair, point of intersection, no solution, parallel line, perpendicular line


Keywords: Inequalities

Systems of Linear Inequalities

KEYWORDS: inequalities, graphing, systems of linear inequalities, linear equation, linear inequality, line, point, x-intercept, y-intercept, graph shading, test point, origin, dashed line, solid line

Trigonometry and the Unit Circle

Keywords: Trigonometry, Unit Circle, sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, inverse trig functions

Applications of Trigonometry

keywords: law of sines, law of cosines

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