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A screen shot of the Flipster appFlipster is an online subscription platform that lets you download, read, print, and hear current issues of popular magazines subscribed to by the SJR State Library on any computer or mobile device for free if you are a current SJR State student or employee! 

To use Flipster on a computer or mobile device via the web, visit the Flipster web site. If you are prompted to sign in, use your SJR State email address and password.

To use the Flipster app on your mobile device, download the Flipster app and log in to St. Johns River State College's account with your SJR State email address and password. 

Reading Magazines on Flipster

After Dinner Conversation
American Scientist
Architectural Digest
The Atlantic
Back Stage
Black EOE Journal
Bloomberg Businessweek
Consumer Reports on Health
Florida Trend
Hispanic Network Magazine: A Latino Lifestyle, Business & Employment Magazine
History Magazine
Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine
MIT Technology Review
Mother Jones
National Geographic
National Review
Natural History
The New Yorker
Newsweek Global
Political Insight
Popular Mechanics
Reader's Digest
Rolling Stone
Science News
Vanity Fair
The Week

Reading Magazines on the Flipster web site using a Computer 

From the landing page, you can scroll through current issues or titles or click the link to View All current issues or titles.

Screen shot of Flipster's landing page

Click a cover to read a magazine. This open the Flipster Viewer.

Screen shot of a magazine on Flipster

Viewer Tools

In the column on the right-hand side, you can:

  • Search: Click the Search field to open the searching options. Enter your search terms in the field and use the limiters to:
    • Search the current issue vs all issues.
    • Search for all content vs articles only.
  • All Issues: Hover your pointer over All Issues to access all available issues of your title as well as the Table of Contents for the current issue.
  • Pages: Hover your pointer over Pages to view visualizations of all pages available in the current issue. Click on an image to go directly to that page.
  • Zoom: Click the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in and out of the page you are viewing.
  • Page Arrows: Use the forward and back arrows to page through the current issue.
  • Print: Click the Print button to open a PDF version of the pages you are currently viewing, which you can then print on your computer.
  • Settings
    • Show one page at a time: Select to view only one page at a time.  
    • Zoom out on page change: Select to zoom out to the full page view every time you move to another page. 
    • Fit: Select to fit the page in the viewer by heightwidth, or height & width.  

When you access the Flipster web site on your mobile device's browser, issues open in the mobile version of the Flipster  Viewer.

Flipster Mobile Viewer                                           

Mobile Viewer Tools

The menu highlighted above opens and closes on tap of the menu icon Menu button.

  • Contents: Tap Contents to navigate the magazine using a list view table of contents.
  • Pages: Tap Pages to navigate the magazine using a thumbnail view of all pages in the issue.
  • Search: Tap Search to search the issue by keyword.
  • All Issues: Tap All Issues to see all available issues of your title.