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Physical Sciences: Books

This guide is designed to help students succeed in their Physical Science classes.

Using the Online Catalog

Use the Library Catalog to find resources physically housed in one of SJR State's three campus libraries. The Library catalog provides access to the collections of St. Johns River State College and all of the Florida College System libraries. The catalog will tell you what is on our shelves in both the physical and online libraries, the campus location, availability, and the call number of the item. 

You will find books, eBooks, DVD's, reference sources, and more when you use the Library’s catalog. 

There are several different ways to search for items. For example:

  • by keywords that describe your topic
  • by subject heading (a specific word or phrase from a defined list)
  • by title
  • by author

There are several different ways to refine or limit your search results. For example:

  • by campus location (Orange Park, Palatka, St. Augustine)
  • by format (book, audio/visual, eBook, audiobook, etc.)
  • by year of publication

No Luck? Search Statewide

No Luck? Search the Statewide Catalog

If you don't find what you need at the SJR State Library, don't worry! You can borrow books from any state college or university in Florida and pick them up right at your campus Library - all for free! 

The Statewide Catalog lets you search the collections at all of Florida's state college and university libraries.

Once you find what you need, use the UBorrow feature to have books from anywhere sent to your campus Library. 

The Statewide Catalog works just like the SJR State Library Catalog! It just looks a little different. 

How to Find a Book in the Statewide Catalog 

Run time: 50 seconds

Library Catalog Collection

How To Find Books About a Topic

How To Find Books About a Topic

To find sources for a research paper or to read about a topic that interests you, search the Library Catalog for all the books about something - it can be an issue, a subject, a person, an event... anything!  

How To Find a Book if You Know the Title

How To Find a Book if You Know the Title

Know just what you're looking for? Do a title search in the Library Catalog to see if SJR State has a copy.

How To Get a Book from Another Campus

How To Get a Book from Another SJR State Campus (Inter-campus Loan)

If another campus owns the book you want, we will send it to your campus Library for you to pick up! You can also return it to your campus when you're done.