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Early Childhood Education & Educator Preparation Institute: Welcome & Research Tips

A comprehensive library guide for the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education program, the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI), and Teacher Recertification.


This research guide is designed to provide you with direct access to some of the tools and resources that are available to help you succeed in the Early Childhood Education Program at St. Johns River State College.  Select the tab on the top that fits best with your topic to find resources to assist you in your research.

*Note: some pages on this guide are direct links to other web pages. To get back to this guide use the back arrow options in your chosen web browser.*

How to find articles

How to Find Articles in the Databases

How to find peer reviewed articles

Conducting Academic Research

What does "peer reviewed" mean and how can I find a peer reviewed, scholarly article?

Infographic about peer review that is described in the video

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