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Probabilities #1

keywords: statistics, probability, table, percentage, decimal, estimate

Probabilities #9

keywords: statistics, word problem, probability, percentage, decimal, round, estimate

Confidence Interval of Proportion

keywords: statistics, confidence interval, proportions, confidence interval estimate, percentage, sentence conclusion

Confidence Interval About the Mean #4

keywords: statistics, word problem, confidence interval, sample size, mean, standard deviation, units, sentence conclusion

Hypothesis Test About Proportion #3

Keywords: statistics, word problem, hypothesis test, proportion, significance level, p hat, proportion of success, null, alternative, z score, test statistic formula, critical value, z distribution, p value

Descriptive Statistics #3

Keywords: statistics, mean, sample, range, standard deviation, variation

Descriptive Statistics #7

keywords: statistics, word problem, mean, standard deviation, z score, data value, sentence conclusion

Regression Equations

keywords: statistics, word problem, regression equations, table, units, linear correlation, coefficient, regression line

Sampling Distribution of Variance

Keywords: Sampling, Distribution, Variance


Mean, Mode, Median

The Normal Distribution