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National Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Established in 1986 by President Reagan as "American Indian Week," in 1990 President George H.W. Bush approved a joint resolution establishing the entire month of November as "National American Indian Heritage Month." Now called, National Native American Heritage month, it "celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of the peoples who were the original inhabitants, explorers and settlers of the United States." For legislation, Presidential Proclamations, and Executive Orders pertaining to this commemoration, visit the Law Library of Congress' National American Indian Heritage Month: A Commemorative Observances Legal Research Guide.

Online Resources

National Museum of the American Indian 

Native Land Digital - Native Land Digital is a Canadian not-for-profit organization providing a web site and app that enables users to type in an address or click anywhere on the global map - "once you click, a number of links will appear with different nation names. By clicking on those links, you will be taken to a page specifically about that nation, language, or treaty, where you can view some sources, give feedback, and learn a little more." 

Indigenous Law Library Archive  "a collection of constitutions, codes, executive orders, and court forms and information of sovereign Indigenous governments and courts of 578 federally recognized nations, communities, and tribes in the United States, as well as some Indigenous legal information from Canada, published online" by the Law Library of Congress

 Association on American Indian Affairs "the oldest non-profit serving Indian Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating  youth and building capacity."

American Indian Heritage Foundation  "The American Indian Heritage Foundation was established in 1973 to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide, to build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people."

National American Indian Heritage Month official site

National Archives' Native American Heritage Month site

Stories about Native Americans  Articles, videos, and podcasts from NPR

Indigenous Digital Archive - "Explore, annotate and learn from over 500,000 archival documents about Santa Fe Indian School and others, all kinds of boarding school records, yearbooks, and letters."

Treaties Explorer 

Streaming films from Vision Maker Media 

Streaming documentaries from PBS for Native American Heritage Month

Native Cinema Showcase 2022

All films on demand November 18–25, 2022   

"The National Museum of the American Indian’s Native Cinema Showcase is an annual celebration of the best in Native film. By embracing oral histories, knowledge, and ancestral lands, Indigenous peoples are creating films to better understand the past and imagine a new way of thinking for the future."