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Developmental Math : Guide Homepage

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Graphing Points on a Rectangular Coordinate System, by Professor Veczko

keywords: rectangular coordinate system, x-axis, y-axis, origin, quadrants, ordered pair, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, coordinate plane

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions by Melanie Parker

Keywords: fraction, numerator, multiply, denominator, improper fraction, common denominators,
divide, dividing, lowest common denominator, fourths, division, mixed number, common factor

Solving Linear Equations - Multiple Step Equation

KEYWORDS: sans-serif">linear equations, equations, variable


Keywords: Inequalities

Graphing a Line by Solving for y using the Slope Intercept Form Ex 2

Exponents - Quotient Rule

KEYWORDS: exponents, negative exponent, simplify exponents, fractions, dividing exponents, quotient rule, quotient, exponential expression, fundamental property of fractions, base, power, parentheses

What is a Binomial

KEYWORDS: polynomial, binomial, number

Introduction to the Distributive Law

KEYWORDS: distributive law, parenthesis, order of operations

Polynomial Divided by a Monomial

KEYWORDS: polynomial, monomial, cube, numerator, denominator, fraction, simplify, long division, divide

Exponential Equation #1

KEYWORDS: exponent, negative, equal, solve, logarithmic equation, bases, variable, match, linear equation, side, exponential, rule, problem, decimal, divide, 2x, irrational, exact, thought, rounded

Exponents - Zero as an Exponent

KEYWORDS: exponents, zero exponent, simplify exponents, power, fraction, quotient rule, common base, base, subtract exponents, variable, parentheses

What is a Monomial

KEYWORDS: monomial, polynomial, variable, exponent, degree

What is a Trinomial

KEYWORDS: trinomial, polynomial, exponent, whole number

Subtracting Polynomials

KEYWORDS: polynomials, subtraction, distributive law, parenthesis, like terms, exponents

Linear Equation with Fractions

KEYWORDS: linear equations, distribution, numerator, denominator, least common denominator, LCD, check, fraction

Graphing Vertical Lines

KEYWORDS: horizontal line, vertical line, graph

Using the Slope Equaton to Show the Slope of a Horizontal Line is Zero

Find the slope of a line given the graph, using rise over run Example #2

Using the Slope Equation to Show the Slope of a Vertical Line is Undefined

Using the Slope Equation to find the slope of a line passing through two points

Negative Exponents

KEYWORDS: exponents, negative exponent, simplify exponents, fractions, numerator, denominator, quotient rule, exponential expressions, negative exponent rule, order of operations, parentheses, cube, reciprocal, fundamental property of fractions

What is a Polynomial

KEYWORDS: polynomial, exponent, whole number, coefficient

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