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Learning Resources Department

The Learning Resources Department provides academic, instructional, and research support through the Library and the Academic Support Center. Resources and services are provided at each St. Johns River State College campus and online to current SJR State students, faculty, and staff.  The Library also welcomes community patrons.

Learning Resources Department Faculty & Staff

​​​Dr. Christina Will, Dean of Learning Resources ​


​Public Services Librarian

Joyce Smith

​Public Services Librarian

Brittnee Fisher

​​Academic Support Coordinator


​Library Services Office Specialist

Kelly Lewis​

Library Technical Assistant, ​Circulation Manager

Jennifer Anderson

Library Technical Assistant, ​Technical Services

Ann Spinler

​ ​


​Campus Librarian

Eric Biggs

​Public Services Librarian

Andrew Macfarlane

​​Academic Support Coordinator

Michelle Mancil

Library Technical Assistant, ​Circulation Manager

Brenda Carter

​Library Assistant 

Joan Hayes

​ ​


​Campus Librarian

​Royce Bass

​Public Services Librarian

Beryl White-Bing

​Academic Support Coordinator

Timothy Smith

Library Technical Assistant, ​Circulation Manager

Karen Muscavage

​Library Assistant

Celeste Mark


Learning Resources' organizational chart



The Library is open for 64.5 hours each week in the fall and spring semesters. The Academic Support Center is open for 40 hours each week in the fall and spring semesters. The Library & ASC are closed during College holidays. Hours vary between semesters (intersession).

The schedule is based upon the College's published academic calendar and is approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.