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Florida School of the Arts- Animation

Resources available at the SJR State Library to support Justin Murphy's animation courses.

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How to find a DVD

How to Find a DVD at SJR State

To find DVDs at the SJR State Library,  search the SJR State Library Catalog

1. Click the Media tab.

2. Type in a title, an actor's name, or some keywords that describe the information you're looking for.

3. Select what type of search you want to do:

Keyword will search for your keywords anywhere they appear in a record.

Title will search for your keywords ONLY in the title field of a record.

Author will search for your keywords ONLY in the author's name field of a record. Often, the director's name is provided here.

Subject Heading will search for your keywords ONLY in the LC Subject Headings that were assigned to that record. Subject Headings are words or phrases that are consistently used in library catalogs worldwide to describe what an item is about. They do not always use the most popular words to describe things though, so if a Subject Heading search returns 0 results don't quit - do an Anywhere search instead. 

Series searches are tricky. Unless you already know what to do with one, don't use this option. 

4. If you get a lot of results, use the facets on the left to limit by Format - Video (DVD)

If you need further assistance, please contact a librarian at any SJR State campus.

Animation DVDs