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If like me, you are obsessed with all things Outlander, then boy do I have news for you!

First, I hope you know that book nine of the Outlander Series is LIVE. The much anticipated Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone is now available. That's right folks, the audio version of the book was released on Audible on November 23 and the hardcover became available the same day. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The SJR State Libraries will have copies eventually but I personally can't wait! I'm coping my audio and print copies ASAP!

I personally like both audio and print books and when it comes to Gabaldon I need both. The Audible production of the Outlander series is an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. Seriously, the narrator is great. She handles all those varying accents like a true professional and is a dream to listen to. I will be downloading this title with my December credit once it becomes available. 

I also have all the other books in the series in print and wanted to add book nine to my collection. A few years ago I was introduced to a small bookstore called The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is Diana Gabaldon's "local hometown bookstore" and they have Outlander perks like you wouldn't believe. I have purchased signed Outlander books from this store in the past so I am on their email newsletter list. I received an email this weekend letting me know that they'll have 30,000 signed copies of Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone for purchase. I ordered mine today! Check them out- perhaps a great book would make a great holiday gift for a loved one (or yourself)! 


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profile-icon Dr. Brittnee Fisher

Since November 1st, my inbox has been flooded with emails about holiday shopping. It comes as no surprise to me that the algorithms have me completely figured out and many of these emails tout something along the lines of "bookish gifts" or "gifts for your reader". While I have seen some truly great gift suggestions, my favorite this holiday season has to be the book box subscriptions!

My first experience with subscription book boxes was several years ago through CrateJoy. I subscribed my youngest sister, who at the time was a teenager and avid reader of young adult fiction. We did not live together at the time and I thought this would be a great way to share our love of reading from a distance. I was delighted to learn that she truly loved the book box! Each month, a themed box would arrive with book(s) and great bookish novelty items ranging from bookmarks to socks, all of which were on theme and adorable! 

These days there is no shortage of subscription box options thanks to the success of early distributors such as CrateJoy. Big-name retailers such as Amazon have gotten into the game and individual sellers can be found on Etsy. You may also be interested to know that these boxes are not limited to books. I have also gifted pet-themed boxes which included pet treats and toys and an international snack box! If you are looking for a gift idea for a "hard to buy for" friend or family member a subscription box might be a nice option. Book boxes are available for readers of all ages and lovers of all genres! 

Happy Holiday Shopping!



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profile-icon Dr. Brittnee Fisher

I don't always try to "stay on theme" throughout the year with my reading but Halloween is the one occasion that I do. I mean, what fun would it be if you weren't reading a scary, spooky, eerie, frightening, etc. book during the spooky season? The hardest thing for me is picking my Halloween book (or books if I'm lucky). 

The Only Good Indians has been sitting in my Audible library since I purchased it last year around Halloween and it just seemed like the perfect pick to get me in the Halloween spirit. The book has received mostly high praise since being published in July 2020. The author, Stephen Graham Jones, is even lovingly referred to as "the Jordan Peele of horror literature" on Goodreads. Consider me sold!

So, now you're wondering how it was I bet. I'll start by telling you that I really enjoyed it. It's a slow burn though. This is not a super frightening, over-the-top jump scare type of scary story. This story lives on the creepy, haunting, and heartbreaking side of Halloween Town. It's less of a commercial Halloween read and more of an eerie folk tale, which is why I loved listening to it as an audiobook rather than reading it in print. The whole thing feels dark and cold. It's like seasonal depression in book form. I recognize that this book is not going to be loved by everyone, especially those that like a fast-moving plot, but there's something to appreciate about the helplessness you feel as this book ticks slowly along. You learn what it's like to be hunted.

Happy reading!



Cover ArtThe Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
Call Number: St. Augustine Circulation PS3560.O5395 O55 2020
ISBN: 9781982136451
Publication Date: 2020-07-14


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