Kelsey Rodgers is a student on the Palatka campus and a regular attendee of the Book Club. She writes poetry and has an interest in novel- and screen-writing. Kelsey made her debut as a guest blogger in early April. This is her second post on the Book Blog.

Poetry has brought an abundance of comfort to me as a writer. Sometimes I like to revisit old poems I wrote as a teenager. Reading these fills me with a weird sense of nostalgia, as well as an understanding of myself. My most recent return to my old poems, however, seemed different. I could not help but to be shocked at the difference in my writing compared to the present day. My poems from the past lack the core elements of imagery and abstractions that I’ve become accustomed to using. So, what happened? What caused it to change? 

I’ve heard that reading can help improve your writing skills all my life, but I never took that advice seriously until I decided on being a creative writing major. I am a member of the Palatka campus SJR Book Club. This fall term will mark 2 years of attendance. Book Club has helped me form a routine of setting aside time for reading. I decided to also revisit some of my past reads from the meetings. 

I was surprised to realize how much inspiration was taken from these books. My abstract style mirrored the nature of Julia Armfield’s writing in Our Wives Under the Sea. Similarly, my use of religious allusions could be compared to the ones of Adam and Eve found in Jenny Hval’s Paradise Rot. These books subconsciously inspired me to explore literary devices I hadn't previously employed. Falling in love with reading has made me fall in love with writing in return. I am excited to read more books and see what new writing adventures await me!