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What's New at the SJR State Library?


Commemorations and observances are opportunities for the Library and Academic Support Center to contribute to student learning and personal growth by using an occasion to increase awareness and knowledge of a given subject while also promoting the resources and services available from the Department of Learning Resources. Additionally, the SJR State College Library recognizes and is committed to its role “in effecting equity, diversity and inclusion” within the communities we serve.

The St. Johns River State College Library joins the American Library Association in its dedication "to support the creation of a more equitable, diverse and inclusive society" and endorses ALA's related statements. The SJR State Library also supports the Florida Library Association’s Statement on Racial Justice. The SJR State Library and Learning Resources Department's events & observances provide resources and opportunities to explore cultures throughout America and around the world. 

Countdown to Thanksgiving Food Drive

American Indian Heritage Month


1920 - 2020 Women's Vote Centennial

Events and Observances at the Library & ASC