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To assist in the distribution of class materials, each SJR State Library has a Reserves Collection consisting of items selected by faculty members for their students' use. Any item owned by a faculty member or an SJR State department may be placed on Reserve in the Library. The Library then checks out the item to the user so the faculty member does not have to manage the item. Faculty may also choose to put an item owned by the campus Library on Reserve for a specific time period for in-library use.

Good opportunities to use this service:

  • You have required supplemental readings in your course.
  • You require students to watch films that are not available through the Library's streaming services 
  • You have a piece of equipment that students need to access for your course (skeleton, bones, diagrams, technological devices, maps, etc.).
  • You want to provide access to the textbook for your course.

To request this service, please contact the Circulation Manager at the Library where you would like to make the item available and provide her a completed Faculty Reserves Request.

Palatka: Jennifer Anderson
Orange Park: Brenda Carter
St. Augustine: Karen Muscavage

Please note that, due to privacy laws, Library personnel cannot tell you which students have or have not checked out an item from the Reserves Collection (even if you own the item). Also note that a barcode and spine label will be placed on each Reserve item even if it is your own copy or is owned by another department.

Items will be returned to faculty at the End Reserve Date designated by the faculty member. If no date is given, the item will be returned to you at the end of the semester and department items will be returned to the department. Items selected from the Library’s collection for Reserve designation will be returned to the Library’s Circulating Collection. If material’s End Reserve Date passes and is not returnable to faculty via campus mail, the faculty member must pick up the material personally. Unclaimed Reserve material may be disposed of as the library deems appropriate.

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