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SJR State Academic Support Center

Writing Assistance Services

The writing tutor in the ASC can help you with writing an essay or paper in any course! This includes helping you:

  • understand and follow the assignment
  • plan and organize drafts
  • practice grammar and punctuation skills
  • use all citation styles: MLA, APA, and CMS
  • develop your writing skills
The tutor will guide you through writing process, provide tools to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation skills, help you understand rhetorical conventions, and identify ways to improve your writing overall. Be sure to give yourself time to work with the writing tutor - you cannot drop off a paper and come back later (this is not an editing service ☺).

Helpful Hints

We've developed the worksheets below to help you review your paper yourself and see what you've got covered and what you could use some help with. You can also pick up a free print copy anytime at any ASC.example of a completed paper review worksheet

Use the Paper Review worksheet to go through your paper and make sure you have these key elements covered. If it meets the expectation, check off that element as Good. Not sure? Check Needs Work and work with a writing tutor on that part.

Use the Citations Checklist to make sure you have each required element. Got it? Check off that element as Good. If you're not sure or need some clarification, check Needs Work and ask a writing tutor for help with that element.  


Writer's Reference Center logoWriter’s Reference Center provides a convenient one-stop location for all of the tools necessary to write and research effectively. From the mechanics of writing and grammar to style and research, this indispensable online resource thoroughly covers the fundamentals of quality writing, provides a wealth of vocabulary-building dictionaries, and presents a step-by-step guide to writing a good essay. An in-depth grammar section defines grammatical terms and gives examples of use, while another section explores writing style. Writing resources teach users how best to revise their work, and the intuitive design allows users to find relevant information quickly through customizable searches and browsing.



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In-person help is available at each campus' Academic Support Center. Walk-ins are welcome but space is limited - book your spot today!

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Free tutoring is provided in-person at each campus' Academic Support Center (ASC)