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HESI prep

Do you want to brush up on math skills for the HESI?  Visit EdReady to create an account to take a pretest and then access a customized study plan with lessons and quizzes.


The Crash Course Series: Because Math Isn't Just for Math Class!

Crash Course logoMath isn’t just for math class! 

Need a Crash Course in Fractions, Graphing, Factoring, or Exponents? Our Crash Course series is a set of free, 30-minute workshops that provide a quick refresher on math skills that you will use in math class and other subjects. 

  • The Fractions Crash Course is great if you’re taking a math class or any class in which conversions are used – like science or Nursing.

  • The Graphing Crash Course is super helpful if you’re taking a science or economics class. This Crash Course will help you read graphs and draw graphs by hand.

  • The Factoring Crash Course is useful if you’re taking a math class now or if you plan to soon.

  • The Exponents Crash Course is another great choice if you’re taking a math class now or if you plan to soon.

Visit our Crash Course site to register for a free workshop or watch one of our quick Crash Course videos!